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Bays Swim

Sunday 13th December 2015


Sunday 10th April 2016

Fine Ocean Swimmers - Biggest prize in Open Water Swimming in New Zealand!!!  - More to come for this season when all details are confirmed.

oceanswims.com introduced the fine ocean swimmers series New Zealand in 2014/15.   With the new summer ahead of us they are likely to run the series again.  The series will involve a handicap point-score over a number of specially selected open water and ocean swims.  The Bays Swim and Rangitoto will be in the series, along with Cathedral Cove, that you will be able to enter here, run by Brent Foster.

So, who won the fos series?

Auckland sexagenarian Bruce Smith has won the 1st inaugural fine ocean swimmers series NZ. After six rounds, finishing with the 5 Bridges Swim at Hamilton, Smith 541.93 points from all six swims, to beat another Aucklander, Andrew Stevens, by 16 points. Jenny Stark was third with 508.41. All three placegetters completed all six swims in the series.

Smith wins a trip to Fiji for his troubles. The swim travel package he did not select went to a random draw of all qualifying swimmers, that is all swimmers who did at least four of the series six swims. At the end of the series six swims, there were 13 swimmers who qualified, five of whom did all six swims, and another five who did five.  Rebecca Hollinsworth from Wellington won the trip to Vanuatu.


Herne Bay To
Watchmans Island

Sunday 15th November 2015


Sunday 21st February 2016

Zoggs Ocean Walker Marathon Swim

Sunday 24th April 2016





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