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The only point to point (singe lap) marathon swim event in New Zealand


This iconic Central Masters swim event uses the tidal currents to determine the course each year.This year it’s from St Heliers Bay around Browns Island - Motukorea - back to St Heliers.

When and where

The course

St Heliers Bay start next to the boat ramp out round the “White Stick” then around Browns Island anti-clockwise, back round the “White Stick” to the finish next to the boat ramp in the middle of St Heliers Bay.

The Logistics

Because of the big variation in swim speeds and the long duration of this event swimmers will be responsible for providing their own kayaker, jet ski or boat for safety and support during the race.

Support vessels must have a means of communication in the form of a waterproof cellphone or marine VHF. The VHF operating channel on the day will be Channel 8.

Support paddlers must be experienced and capable of providing support to the number of swimmers they are accompanying. Based on previous experience stand up paddle boards and rudderless sit on kayaks are NOT suitable

Swimmers may elect to swim as a group with one kayak but must maintain that group for the full distance.

Swimmers may not continue unaccompanied if their support craft becomes unavailable. They will be asked to board an official support craft and transported to the finish.

Kayakers must stay with their swimmer for the duration of the race. Swimmers finishing without their support craft will be listed as DNF in the published results.

Cutoff times

In order to satisfy the Harbourmaster’s safety requirements we will be enforcing cutoff times. The times are based on clearing the main boating channels in 4.5 hours. Slow swimmers who exceed the cutoff times will be instructed to board an official support craft (for a “pickup & drop”) and will be moved up the field. They will be given an “assisted finish” time in the results.

Terms and conditions of entry

Swimmers are responsible for providing their own safety support craft for the event. The support craft must be suitable for conditions on the day and the paddler must be fit and competent.

Swimmers must have already swum at least 5 km in open water.

If you are 12 or under 16, you will need to confirm your parent or guardian consent when you enter

ACM reserves the right to refuse to allow a swimmer to participate in the event on the day if the safety officer believes that the swimmer or their support vessel will not be safe in the actual or forecasted sea conditions.

Swimmers and support paddlers must obey instructions given to you by event officials (including official support craft crew) at all times. Swimmers who fail to follow instructions may be listed as DNF in the results.

Swimmer support vessels must have a means of communication in the form of a waterproof cellphone or marine VHF. The operating channel on the day will be Channel 8.

For safety reasons we must avoid excessive spread of the field. Slower swimmers who exceed cutoff times will be transported forward up to the pack to reduce the spread, if you are asked please assist with this otherwise you will be asked to leave the water.

Swimmer support craft must give way to other swimmers at all times.

Support craft will assemble South and East of a buoy located approximately 500m from the start. As your swimmer passes the buoy you will move off with them. Do not cut across the field of swimmers unless you are 50m clear of any swimmer.

Entry fee and conditions

Prizes and trophies

There will also be a spot prize draw for all those present at prize giving.

Marathon Swim Training Plan

Click here for the training plan

Kayak Hire 

Kayak can be hire from Fergs Kayaks, they come with paddle and lifejacket.  Fergs will deliver  to St Heliers and pick up at the end of the event for $TBA per kayak.

Simon Hughes

Operations & Safety Manager
Fergs Kayaks
(09) 529 2230
021 461 535

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